How can I get environmental clearance certificate in the Philippines?

Where can I get environmental compliance certificate Philippines?

Here’s how you can apply for an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Application can be submitted through DENR – Environmental Impact Assessment & Management Division’s ECC Online Application System. Click link to go to ECC Online – LINK.

How do you apply for environmental clearance certificate?

An online application for environmental clearances can be made by registering at the MoEF and CC website. Since it includes few technicalities, it is suggested to opt for expert services for applying for Environmental Clearance Certificate.

WHO Issues Environmental Compliance Certificate?

The Environmental Compliance Certificate or ECC refers to the document issued by the DENR-EMB that allows a proposed project to proceed to the next stage of project planning, which is the acquisition of approvals from other government agencies and LGUs, after which the project can start implementation.

How do I get a DENR certificate?


  1. Filled-out Online Application Form or Letter of Application/Intent.
  2. Authenticated copy of ownership to the Land Original Land Title, Transfer Certificate of Title, Certificate of Land Ownership Award or Tax Declaration of Untitled Alienable and Disposable (A&D) Lands.
  3. Certification from the Barangay Captain.
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How do I process an environmental compliance certificate?


  1. Conduct Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan;
  2. Submit application letter to DENR-EMB for review and subsequent site inspection; Approval and ECC is issued if all requirements are satisfied and no apparent serious environmental damage shall result from the project.

Who should apply for ECC?

ECC-B is issued to departing holders of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas with valid ACR I-Cards and are leaving the country temporarily. When should I apply for an ECC? A foreign national may apply for an ECC at least 72 hours prior to his/her departure from the Philippines.

Who needs environmental clearance?

The EIA Notification of 1994 made the environmental clearance mandatory for all new projects and expansion/modernisation of existing projects covering 29 disciplines (later increased to 32 ) which included hydro-power, major irrigation and flood control projects.

What are the steps involved in the EIA process?

Stages of the EIA process

  • Screening. Deciding if an EIA is required.
  • Scoping. Deciding what needs to be covered in the assessment and reported in the ‘EIA Report’
  • Preparing the EIA Report. …
  • Making an application and consultation. …
  • Decision making. …
  • Post decision.

What is a Certificate of environmental Clearance?

Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC)

The CEC is a permit certifying the environmental acceptability of the proposed activity or project, provided that all conditions contained in the CEC are fulfilled.

Can a business operate without this environmental compliance certificate?

“An ECC is a requirement before business starts operation. The purpose is to determine what [the possible impact of the project is],” Matias said. “Under the law, you cannot implement a project without an ECC. But, it doesn’t mean that if you have an ECC, you can start a business.”

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Who is responsible for monitoring an ECC in the Philippines?

The MMT is responsible for monitoring compliance with conditions of environmental clearance and includes representatives of local government, NGOs, and communities. DAO 2003-30, sec. 9. “The team shall be tasked to undertake monitoring of compliance with ECC conditions as well as the EMP.

What is the difference between ECC and CNC?

A CNC is the equivalent of an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) for projects that are not expected to have significant impacts on the environment. These projects are considered to be not covered by the Philippine Environmental Impact Assessment System, hence the name.

How do I get a DENR permit?

Issuance of Permit to Operate Air Pollution Installation (POA) and Wastewater Discharge Permit (WWDP) New Application & Renewal

  1. Duly Accomplished Application Form.
  2. Engineering Report prepared, signed and sealed by a Mechanical Engineer and duly notarized containing the following:

Does environmental compliance certificate expire?

The ECC loses its validity if a project has not been implemented within five (5) years from ECC issuance.

How can I play COC online?

Step1: Login to account using ePariksha Login credentials Page 2 Step2: Click on Certification tab then select Fee Detail subtab. Click on pay button which will redirect to bill desk and the pay the fee for COC application.