Question: Why Jodhpur has a hot desert climate?

(iii)Jodhpur is in the extreme western part of India and so, when the monsoon winds reach it, they have exhausted their moisture. Further it is on the edge of the Thar Desert. That is why it has a hot desert type of climate. … No monsoon winds are able to reach it.

Why is Rajasthan a hot desert?

These Aravalli ranges are not blocking winds which carry moisture. They are parallel to the direction of cloud movement, so there is no upliftment of clouds carrying moisture, so there are very little rains in Rajasthan. Thus, the deserts are formed.

Does Jodhpur have a desert?

Desert Safari Jodhpur

Hit the sands for an exciting desert safari and explore the world of the wild. Spot blackbucks, foxes, and blue bulls as one passes through the huge deserts of Jodhpur.

Why is Rajasthan so hot?

Rajasthan is a state where the pressure is very high. … Moreover, it is near to the equator and Thar desert is in Rajasthan. Thus solar radiations are reached to this region in very high amounts. So it is a very hot region.

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Why does Jodhpur have a large diurnal range of temperature?

Answer: Jodhpur lies in the north-western part of the country. The Great Indian Desert is located in this region. Due to the presence of sand, the region experiences high diurnal range of temperature.

Is Rajasthan cold or hot?

The Climate of Rajasthan in northwestern India is generally arid or semi-arid and features fairly hot temperatures over the year with extreme temperatures in both summer and winter.

Which type of climate does Rajasthan desert have?

Rajasthan as well as its desert part has hot tropical climate for most of the time of the year.It is very cold (-5.9) from October last to February starting and very hot(48) from April to august month.

Which desert is near to Jodhpur?

The nearest desert from Jodhpur is Osiyan. In Osiyan there are few resorts you can go and stay overnight in any resort to feel the real desert life.

What is special in Jodhpur?

Jodhpur is famous for the distinctive colour of its buildings, a reminder of the Brahmins, who used to paint their houses blue to deter insects and keep the dwellings cool during the summer. Founded in 1459, the old city is encircled by an imposing wall and accessed through eight magnificent gates.

How far is desert from Jodhpur?

How far is it from Jodhpur to Thar Desert? The distance between Jodhpur and Thar Desert is 215 km.

What is the hottest place in Rajasthan?

Churu was recorded as the hottest place in Rajasthan with a maximum of 45.6 degree Celsius on Sunday.

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Is Rajasthan too hot?


Which is the coldest place in Rajasthan?

At 2.2 Degrees Celsius, Fatehpur in Sikar District Coldest Place in Rajasthan.