Best answer: What is the wildlife of equatorial region?

Answer: Animals like monkeys, sloth, ant-eating tapirs and various species of reptiles and snakes also thrive in these jungles. Explanation: Equatorial regions are located in a band around the Equator and cover about 6% of the Earth’s surface.

What type of wildlife is found in tropical region?

Tropical rainforests get continuous warmth and rain and hence this region has a wide variety of plants and animals dwelling there. The major types of animals living in the rainforests are monkeys, apes, gorillas, tigers, elephants, leopards, lizards, snakes, birds and insects.

What is the wildlife of the equatorial forest Like explain in brief?

Wildlife. The Pacific Equatorial Forest provides habitat for serves as habitat and key migratory channel for two endangered species of primates; the (mantled howler monkey and white-fronted capuchin monkey)and six endangered species of felines, the (jaguar, puma, ocelot, oncilla, margay and jaguarundi).

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What vegetation and animal life is found in the equatorial forest?

Tropical rain forests are a type of broad-leaved forest. Tropical rain forests, such as Brazil’s Amazon Basin rain forest, are found near the Equator. They contain more than half of the world’s biodiversity, or variety of plant and animal species. Coniferous forests have trees with cones and needles instead of leaves.

Which animals are not found in equatorial rainforest?

Answer: elephants, monkeys, lemurs and deer and one- horned rhinoceros.

Where is the equatorial region?

The equatorial region is located between 5° and 10° latitude on either side of the equator. It stretches in the Amazon lowlands in South America, Congo basin in Africa and the East Indies, from Sumatra to New Guinea.

What wildlife is in Equatorial Guinea?

The continental region has a rich animal life that includes gorillas, chimpanzees, various monkeys, leopards, buffalo, antelope, elephants, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, and various snakes, including pythons.

What do you know about the equatorial region?

Equatorial regions are those areas of the Earth that straddle the Equator, which is 0 degrees latitude, with tropical wet climates.

What are the main areas in the equatorial region?

It includes the Amazon lowlands of South America, the Congo basin and the Guinea coast in equatorial Africa, south-east Asian islands, and some islands in the Caribbean sea. It experiences uniformly high temperature almost throughout the year.

Which trees are found in equatorial region?

Major trees of equatorial forests are :

Mahogany, Ebony, Ivory wood, Dye wood, Cinchona, and Rosewood.

What is equatorial vegetation?

The equatorial vegetation comprises a multitude of evergreen trees that yield tropical hardwood, e.g. mahogany, ebony, greenheart, cabinet woods and dyewoods. … Under the trees grow a wide variety of ferns, orchids and lalang.

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Which of the following trees is found in the equatorial region?

Answer: Mahogany trees are found in the equatorial region.

Why big animals are not found in equatorial region?

(i) Equatorial regions have hot & humid climate & it rains throughout the year. So, dense multilayered evergreen forests are found here. (ii) As the sunlight does not reach the ground the trees compete to get sunlight & hence trees grow very tall. … Hence animals like lions are not found in equatorial forests.

Which animals is not found in equatorial region?

Due to greater ranges of temperature and a variating factor within pre-temperate regions, the equatorial forests are not suitable for animals like lions. Excessive heat makes them stay away from equatorial forests.

What are the major animals in equatorial rainforest?

Fauna of these rainforests includes the jaguar, tapir, okapi, boa constrictor, African gray parrot, keel-billed toucan, crowned eagle, three-toed sloth, spider monkey, large flying fox, king colobus, and more.